Thursday, September 27, 2012


Savoring... the perfect sunny, warm fall days and cool nights we've been having (even though we could use some rain)

Enjoying... getting to know my new preschool class. They are sweet and creative and really a pleasure to be with on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Smelling... the beautiful roses Bill gave me for our anniversary on Monday.

Thankful... for my health and the health of those in my family, especially in light of those who have lost their lives to cancer this week.

Washing... Kenley's hair repeatedly, after she decided to moisturize it with neosporin last night.

Celebrating... Lachlan's successes. He is such a funny and smart kid. He's struggled a bit to get back into the swing of preschool, but I think we are finally getting some positive momentum. I loved watching him take orders at the class' "Noodle House" this morning.

Decorating... Kenley's bedroom. I put up a couple prints I've been waiting to hang for awhile now, and I finally got the room rearranged how I want it. Just looking for a rug to finish it off, and planning a twin size quilt for her bed.

Reading... The Mortal Instruments series. I've read the first 3 and I'm working on the 4th right now. I also read the first two prequels. They are YA novels - quick, fun reads. I'm really in a reading zone right now. For a long time I wasn't reading much of anything. So I'm enjoying it - even if my household productivity is taking a tiny hit.

Also reading... Charlotte's Web. I decided L was ready to listen to a chapter book when we read before bedtime, and this seemed like a good place to start. Then I heard that a play version was being performed at the Children's Museum, so L and I went on a date to see it last Friday night. 

Happy... that both our kids like to draw on our chalkboard wall. This is L's "submarine". Also happy that they both love to sing - lately the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine"and "Eight Days a Week".

Obsessed... with starting craft projects. Must be the seasons changing and the approaching holiday season. I just had to crochet Kenley a hat this week, and I have a long list of other projects that I'd like to get to soon.

Loving... Kenley's new words and phrases and paragraphs, and the way she starts singing out of the blue. Two is a seriously fun age. Also loving her new shirt from Gingiber.

Inspired by Ali Edwards

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