Monday, April 29, 2013

Excited about...

Popping in to share a few things I am excited about right now -

• Our Lachlan turned 5 yesterday! Wow, it seems like an important birthday milestone, right? I know it's going to be an awesome year for him. He loved spending the weekend celebrating with his friends and family and was excited to practice riding his new big guy bike!

• If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my (many) progress pics of making a quilt for Kenley's bed. I had purchased a pattern and fabric months ago, but suddenly got the urge to make it happen a few weeks ago. I love love how it turned out.

• Speaking of that urge to create, I think it has something to do with spring arriving (finally!). Our days are warming up, the daffodils and rhododendrons are blooming in our yard, and it feels like time for some spring cleaning (& purging) and planting!

• My latest project was an Instagram photo frame to hang above our computer desk. I've seen similar displays around the web, and knew it would be easy to recreate. I bought my 24" x 36" frame at Hobby Lobby and stretched wires across the back of the frame and secured them with nails. I also bought mini clothespins at HL and spray painted them white to pull everything together. The 4"x4" photos were printed by Persnickety Prints (love their quality and customer service!).

• My dad shared an app called Paprika with me this weekend. We've both been looking for the perfect app for sharing and cataloging recipes - he assures me this is it! So I'm looking forward to testing it out... so far I love the way it looks and the ability to import recipes smoothly from lots of websites.

• Speaking of new favorite apps - if you have a little person, check out "Petting Zoo" by Christoph Niemann. It is an interactive animation with a collection of hand-drawn animals. Take a look, I think you will love it.

• I won a giveaway! Oh, so excited to spend my gift certificate on some beautiful blocks! If you haven't seen Design Mom's blog, I think it is a must read. The kids and I all love their web series "Olive Us".

• This week I'm trying to clean up my disaster of scrapbooking supplies to get ready for "Layout a Day" in May. I've never been part of this group before and looking forward to the challenge of fitting a little scrapbooking into each day. I'm hoping it will help to make me a more efficient scrapbooker and get some stories down that I've been wanting to record.

Phew! :)