Sunday, November 27, 2005

This is something great that I discovered today. It is a 20 questions game that will *blow your mind*. It can guess anything that you can think of. This would be a great gift for anyone on your list over 8 years old.

I made a frame for a Christmas gift for my friend who was my personal attendant at the wedding. It is nice to be able to check one off my to-do list since I have a long list of handmade gifts that I want to make this year. I used this clipboard frame by 7Gypsies. I think I will use more of these for making gifts. They're relatively quick and easy to alter and look neat-o no matter what.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Beth's journal is here!

I'm so excited that Beth's journal came in the mail today! It is so great to be able to look forward to working on this project that will grow and change everytime we exchange the journals. I'm planning on getting to work in it soon, but tonight I'm reserving a few hours to work on a Christmas gift for my sister, which I won't mention here just in case she comes snooping around. What I *should* be doing is working off the calories from yesterday (mmm...) but that always seems to take second place to making art (and just about everything else). Too bad...

I'm posting a picture of a page in a sewn & stiched deco via the E.C. I just realized it looks quite similar to the bee page I did last week, but I do enjoy the patterned quilt effect. And I *love* my African symbols stamp set.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Morning Collages

I like this idea. She makes a collage each morning without worrying about how it turns out or where it is going. Maybe I will start this today since there is no school to teach (woo-hoo!). I am going to the art museum today to see a big Grant Wood exhibit, and maybe this afternoon I'll have a crochet party with a friend and rent some movies. Tonight we're headed to Des Moines for the Thanksgiving feast. I'm posting a picture of a little painting I did for a bridge deco while I was watching t.v. last night. It is my favorite bridge in the little town where I went to college.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Art Space

Here is a photo of my corner of our "guest bedroom" which is actually an art studio/storage space. I got the work table a few months ago and it has been GREAT to have a space where I can leave projects out and come back to them later. Although, if I leave them out for too long, small pieces may end of on the floor as a result of this little kitty named Cleo.

Traveling Visual Journal

I'm so fired up about this new project organized on the Embellished Circus. I've purchased a small moleskine journal and arted up 8 pages so far. Yesterday I sent it out to my partner Beth. She will take inspiration from what I have started, add to my pages, and send it back to me for more work. Meanwhile, she sent me her journal and I will do the same! I've added links to the blogs tracking our projects, as well as links to lots of other super duper cool blogs.

Also I just found out that I've been selected as the "Member of the Month" at the Embellished Circus, which is a new thing that they are starting in 2006. Sounds like people will be sending my handmade things all month - now that is *awesome*.

I'm thinking about signing up for a graduate class at the University of Iowa this spring. It's called "Artist's Books". It should be a very interesting topic, and one that I will dive right in to, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up my Tuesday nights every week, since it is one of the only weeknights I get to hang out with Bill. It will get me going towards a goal of getting my master's within the next few years. The question is - masters in what?

Well, I hate to make such a long post without a picture, so here is a page from a round robin deco from Destiny Art Decos. The book was really neat - a paper bag book with a pocket for each person and a cardstock card that pulls out of the pocket. I'm so happy with how this page turned out. I may have to use the quote again in my journal, beacause I think it is extra sweet.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy New Purse!

Last night I went to a purse party held by a coworker and found one that I couldn't live with out. Lovin' the yellow prints - it's so cheerful. A good new aquisition now that the weather has changed to freezing cold and gloomy here.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Deco Work

Sundays seem to best the best day for me to find a chunk of time to get some artwork done. Today I worked on a few decos including those pictured - a page from a Honey Bee deco and a Used Postage deco. I watched a news story about Andy Warhol and how his art is gaining in popularity again this morning, and I guess the repeated bees probably came from that! I'm often drawn to symmetrical designs and geometric shape and repetition in my artwork.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Had a fun time in Minneapolis this weekend. I rode up with my mom, sister and two of her friends and we did some shopping. Yesterday we met up with my brother and went to the Walker modern art museum. They have an awesome sculpture garden with a recognizable Claus Oldenburg piece called "Spoonbridge & Cherry".

Sunday Art Time

I had a few hours today to work on making art. I'm fighting a nasty head cold, so nothing feels very good, but these things turned out alright, I think! My brother and sister both have birthdays on Wednesday (they were born on the same day 7 years apart), so I made birthday cards to send out tomorrow. I also worked in a few abstract collage decos so I can get them on the move!