Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Recent Daily Devotions

So... I admit that I have been struggling to keep up with drawing in my Daily Devotions journal every day in the past couple weeks. I've been so busy, and not devoting time or energy to getting it done in the evenings. That said, I have been getting some work done in it, and making lots of art for my book arts class, mail art projects and school projects. And , I think I have definitely managed to make a habit after 3 months, because I'm missing it and feeling a little guilty when I don't get to it!Long days of travel at the beginning and the end of our trip meant sitting around and looking at my carry-on bag. Good thing I like it so much.
View from the beach at our resort - plus some leftover wrappers from a beachside snack.
These are a few quick sketches from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. We went on Sunday after all the NAEA festivities were over. There was a terrific Andy Warhol exhibit, and a few Alexander Calder pieces - he's one of my favorites. I was also intrigued by the buddha sculpture holding art supplies in each hand.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Home from my travels

Back home after travelling to St. John in the U.S.V.I. for spring break, then a long weekend in Chicago for the NAEA conference. Soon I'll get some sketches from the trips scanned and up, but until then, here are a few snapshots from spring break. Tons of sunshine, great food, beautiful scenery, and wildlife surrounded us throughout the week.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Off to Sunny St. John

Just a quick post to say that I'll be on vacation with my husband and family from tomorrow until March 19. So, I won't be posting, but I will be enjoying the sun and sand and hopefully doing lots of reading and drawing as well!

Have a wonderful week.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

3 Things that make me happy, and 1 that has me frustrated

For tomorrow night's Artists Books class, I'm supposed to have a plan for my next book assignment due in a couple weeks. The topic is "Metamorphosis". I'm having a major case of creative block. I worked out this structure by cutting out lots of circles and assembling them with brads so they can revolve. I like it... but... I'd like to take it to the next level somehow and add some text and more meaning... Plus it has to be something relatively low maintenance because I'm going to be gone for 10 days in the meantime, and I won't have time to work on it.
Meanwhile, 3 things that make me happy!
First - my new pink "presto chanjo" shoes bought for me by my DH on ebay (they're discontinued).
Next - last night during the Oscars a knock came at our door and it was a fruit salesman from somewhere down south. Weird and suspicious? Maybe, but he busted open a grapefruit, an orange, and an apple for us to try and we were sold. SO delicious and juicy. Now we have 2 big crates of fruit in our garage!

And finally - the new season of Amazing Race has started. We *love* this show and I'm so happy it has caught on so that they'll keep making new seasons.

Saturday art fun

Saturday night I got together with Wendy to make some art. It was very fun. I'm so glad that we make time to do this every couple weeks. It's just a refreshment to my creativity to have another artist to bounce ideas off of. And we're on the same wave length much of the time.
Her wonderful cat Melvin was helping us out. Unfortunately his fur had to be shaved because he was getting winter dredlocks, but fortunately he looks totally cute with the puffy tail and mane.
We did lots of deco pages and I used my handcarved fish stamp on several. I'm really lovin' it right now for some reason.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Valentine's Day Painting

Not the best picture, but here is a picture of the painting that I bought from my good friend Mary for Bill for Valentine's day. I love it. It's almost like she painted it just for us - the colors match our living room perfectly and I have always loved landscape paintings.

In other news, I'm home sick *again*. I was just getting over my week long head cold and then yesterday afternoon a little kindergarten guy vomited all over during art class. I started feeling a little woozy after school and then I woke up in the middle of the night and was sick for about 4 hours straight. That was not fun. Hopefully since it came on fast, it won't last longer than a day, either. Sorry, that was probably too much information!

Hopefully I do feel better tomorrow, because I have to stay late at school for conferences, then head to Reminisce (where I work part-time) to meet guest teacher and scrapbook artist Stacy Julian. It will be an exciting weekend - she is so talented and has a great outlook on the whole process.