Sunday, September 18, 2005

Last few details

I've been finishing up some of the final details for the wedding this weekend. It took me all day today to finish putting together the programs for the ceremony. They're in a little cardstock folder type thing, that opens to allow a accordian-folded page to open up. I've held them shut with a sheer ribbon tied around the center. I'm happy with how they turned out - unique yet classic.

The other project that kept me busy was stamping a leaf and "W" on all the coffee sleeves. We're using these as part of our favors. The guests will get a little bag of cookies and goodies on their way out of the reception, and cups of hot chocolate or coffee. The sleeves are to go around the coffee cups, to provide a more personalized look (and keep your hands cool!).

I'm still not feeling nervous. A little overwhelmed, maybe. Anxious. Excited. Emotional. But not nervous. I think that will come Saturday afternoon when I have to walk down the aisle - being the center of attention isn't really my favorite thing! There's so much to look forward to - I know that the day will fly by, so I hope I will be able to appreciate every minute. To be honest, I'm also looking forward to not having to worry about wedding details anymore once this week is over!


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  2. Have a wonderful wedding day, Kirsten! I'll raise a glass to you and yours on Saturday.