Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's the small things...

...that make me happy. Like cleaning out the drawer of my art desk just now. I started by looking for my glasses prescription (I know, why would it be in the drawer of my art desk?) and I realized it was full of junk that I never use. So I tossed a bunch of stuff in the garbage, put away the rest in appropriate places, and used my shop-vac to vacuum out all the seed beads, glitter, and paper cuttings at the bottom of the drawer. Ahhh... now if I could do the same to the rest of our home. But for tonight, I'm just enjoying the one clutter-free drawer.

And my sister just sent me pictures of her boyfriend kissin' on my new
glass jars that my mom picked up for me at IKEA today. Man, I love me some IKEA. These will be the new homes for my ribbon and buttons. yea!


  1. You do realize that tomorrow you will need whatever it is that you threw out today. Always happens, LOL.

  2. Oh MAN - don't say that Judi!! ;)

  3. Love the jar... I want to see it full of goodies!