Saturday, December 16, 2006

Handcrafted Holiday

This weekend at our Reminisce Christmas party we're having a 12 person ornament exchange. I'm excited about the felt heart ornaments that I made. They were super easy. I cut the heart shapes from two layers of felt. Then I made the little flowers, stars, and other doo-dads out of the leftover felt and sewed one in the center of each heart with a button on top. Finally, I stitched them together and stuffed them. Tah-dah! Working on a few more handmade gifts, but I'm all done shopping, I think. Looking forward to the upcoming break from school and seeing family. Also I'm taking a trip to Denver after Christmas to visit my college roommate.

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  1. Those are darling! Just hopped onhere thru Iowa Blog Net (so hard to find anything there). Anyway, thought I'd share my new blog venture with you - great place to get a quick look at what everyone's doing out there.