Sunday, February 17, 2008

Baby Fun!

This afternoon was my first baby shower - so exciting! You could say that the weather was far from ideal for a party, but my gracious host stuck with the plan and some of my coworkers and students' mothers braved the snow and wind to come help me celebrate. It was so sweet and touching.

This morning I added a couple pages to my pregnancy mini-album. I have been working on this for awhile now. Thinking of it as a journal for my thoughts and a record of things that are happening during this exciting time. It is manageable because I am making the pages about 4"x6" and adding them one at a time to a book bound with binder rings. If you'd like to see all the pages I have made so far, you can check them out here.

Have a great week! Here's hoping the snow will lay off for awhile!


  1. I love your pregnancy album - thanks for sharing all of the stories and great pictures. You're just too creative! You're going to be such a great mum :)

  2. Hi Kirsten, I ran across your page through ETSY - glad to see you and Wendy are selling your beads! Congrats on your pregnancy - you look great!! -Diane

  3. Shelley10:29 PM

    I love your pregnancy album Kirsten! It looks like you girls had fun at the shower! How fun! Shelley