Monday, May 12, 2008

First Mother's Day

We had a wonderful first Mother's Day here in Iowa City. My family met up at our house - and Bill's family came over to join us for lunch. Lachlan slept through most of the festivities, but everyone agreed he has already changed so much in his first two (!!) weeks of life. It was very nice to have everyone together... I know I will remember my first Mother's Day for a long, long time.

Some of you probably saw on our birth announcements that I've set up a blog/photo page just for baby Lachlan. I'm using the iWeb program on my Mac, which makes everything so easy. I also like that it is password protected, so we will keep it a little more private. If you are a friend that wants to know the password, please just drop me an email and I will give it to you. This space will continue to be for posts about my crafty and scrapbooking pursuits, although I'm sure an occasional baby photo will be sneaking in. :)


  1. This is such a sweet picture of the two of you! Enjoy! I hope you got the gift I sent in the mail.Shelley

  2. Kirsten, I am neck deep in MR projects for CHA-S. I was just wondering if I could use some of Lachlan's photos for an album for Maya Road and after the show it is yours!? If you would rather I not use his photos that is okay with me too. I just wanted to know what you thought. Shelley