Thursday, November 19, 2009

Well, long time no post! I haven't had much time or energy for making things lately, so I haven't had much to update. Of course, this little guy is growing and changing every day. He's trying new words, having little temper tantrums, pushing through all four incisors, and wanting to spend more time with Sadie, especially feeding her and giving her treats.
One thing I have been making this week is granny squares. I took a "how-to crochet granny squares" class at Home Ec last Saturday, and I've been working on them every night since. Very easy and relaxing!
Speaking of making, some of Lachlan's new favorite activities are coloring, stamping, and squishing play-doh. We ordered a table with two chairs for him for Christmas, but I decided I would give it to him early since he is ready to use it. I'm sure there will be *plenty* of other things to open on Christmas morning!

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  1. he looks so grown up in that first photo - eek!!

    this will be a really fun Christmas for him!