Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kenley at 4 months

We have certainly been blessed to have such a happy, smiley baby, little Kenley! Every time someone talks to you, you start to grin and wiggle. I love how your arms and legs wave and kick when you get excited. You are still fascinated with your hands. Now you've started to grab for toys, especially your Minnie Mouse, and your babysitter Carissa's long red hair. You also love to grab your pacifier and yank it out of your mouth, although you get frustrated when you can't get it back in.

You started to roll over four days ago while we were visiting grandma and papa. You roll from your back to your tummy, and you're getting better at wiggling your arms out of the way and pushing up. Hopefully you learn to roll from your tummy to back soon, because you get upset when you get stuck on your belly. We also visited the zoo, the Farmers Market, and Uncle Thor and Caeli's house while we were in Des Moines. You aren't old enough to connect with where we are yet - but you always notice who is there. You are especially interested in watching what your brother is up to, of course.

Earlier this month we took a family trip to Kansas City. Thankfully, long car rides seems to make you sleepy, so you were a great traveler. While dada was at training meetings for work, you and I and Lachlan had some adventures at the Children's Museum, the science museum and a sculpture garden.

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  1. Oh my what an adorable little girl she is!!