Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kenley at 8 months

Another month already? Sure enough, you are 8 months old today. Still as cute as ever with those kissable cheeks. Your hair is getting a little bit longer, and last week your two bottom teeth popped through! They still haven’t pushed up enough to catch in a photo, but I can feel them when you decide to bite down while you’re nursing! This month you’ve gone from just starting to sit up to sitting for long periods while you play with your toys. We better not take away whatever toy you have, because it will most likely result in big-time tears!

We’re still getting started on new foods. You’ve had broccoli, squash, carrots, prunes, blueberries and “baby mum mums” this month, but your favorite is still applesauce. It is getting more difficult to spoon-feed you, because you’ve decided that you want to hold the spoon. My solution right now is to use two spoons – one for you and one for me.

You’ve been healthy this month, but you still had to stay at the hospital overnight with me while Lachlan was treated for Bronchiolitis. I’m so thankful that you just went with the flow - that made the whole experience a little less traumatic.

You are still generous with big smiles, but if someone other than mom or dad or Lachlan pick you up or talk to you, you give them a very serious inspection. We love you so much, Kenley!

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  1. She is precious. I know you want to hug her all the time.

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  3. What a cutie! Bea turned 18 months on that same day. I would love to see you soon!!!!

  4. i love those cheeks too!!! so cute :)