Wednesday, August 03, 2011

barrettes from aunt bethany

I've been meaning to share these adorable barrettes that my sister Bethany made for Kenley.
K is pretty funny about barrettes right now. As soon as I put one in her hair, she takes it out, looks at it, and then tries to put it back on her hair by herself.
Her bangs are getting down by her eyes (even more now, since these pics were taken a couple weeks ago) so it is nice to be able to sweep them to the side with a barrette. Sometimes if I distract her right after I put one in her hair, then she'll forget about it and keep it in a long time. These are lightweight so they work well for everyday wear. Thanks, Aunt Bethany!


  1. Those barrettes are fabulous!! I hope she has an ETSY store!! :)

  2. Adorable! Harper does the same little antic with the put barrette in, take it out, examine, place on top of her head!