Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Kenley at 18 months

It is delightful to watch you explore the world on foot, becoming more confident (and quicker!) every day. I see you solving problems and figuring out cause and effect throughout your daily adventures.You're also starting to play more creatively. You feed your babies and stuffed animals, work on "projects" and set up the Fisher Price people in all kinds of arrangements.

You love your stuffed puppy and your babies so much. There’s some new competition now, since you received a stuffed Scooby Doo, a pink baby sock monkey, and a couple special baby dolls for Christmas. Luckily, you have plenty of hugs and love to go around.

You have a very clear “no” and shake your whole body back and forth to make your point clear. You also have a strong nod yes. We definitely know what you mean!

Now that you are mobile, you love to try and do whatever Lachlan is doing. You also get pretty jealous if I am reading to him or cuddling with him. You do love your bath time together, you giggle like crazy when he chases you around, and you light up when he pays you special attention. When Lachlan is in need of a warning, we count to three to give him a chance to shape up. You have picked up on that, and shout “two!” after Bill or I says “one…”. You’ve also started to enjoy Lachlan’s favorite shows, and can say Curious George, Scooby Doo, and Gabba Gabba.
We are in the process of transitioning from two naps to one midday nap. It hasn't been very successful yet, so right now you take two naps some days and one on others. You usually sleep 8 pm - 6:30 am, but recently you've been up at least once in the night due to teething and an ear infection. Dada has been putting you to bed almost every night. You enjoy having that special time with him. You also still need your paci to help you fall asleep, and you search one out whenever you are sleepy.
The love affair you have with your winter coat is pretty hilarious. I have to hide it if I don’t want you begging to wear it 24-7. You also enjoy wearing a hat and shoes most of the time.

You’re talking up a storm and imitating just about everything we say. We have a few favorite words that are especially cute – like “applesauce”, “baby”, “puppy”, "sleepy", the extended “hiii”, and all the names of your aunts and uncles. Yesterday you put your shoe on your hand and said, "puppet". Right before Christmas, you surprised me by asking to get out of the bath and sit on the potty (we have a small one in the bathroom). Then you surprised me even more by peeing and pooping on it for the first time! You used it again over the next few days, but have since been resistant to sitting on it. You do love to read our potty books, and to put your animals on the potty. I'm not pushing it at all right now, but it does seem that as a 2nd child and and girl, you may pick up on the idea a little earlier than your brother did.

Oh, yes, and the crayon story. A couple weeks ago I noticed that you were depositing a crayon from our art table into the nearby heating vent. "Hmm, I wonder how many are down there?" I thought. So I pulled off the cover and discovered 50+ crayons and colored pencils down the vent! I'll never forget that! I can't be too upset, because you were clearly committed to your work and finding a hiding place that was perfectly sized for what you were depositing! Smart girl.

I know there is much more I'm forgetting to write. You are a pleasure to be around every day!

Kenley @ 18 months (at doctor's appointment on 12/23/11)

Height: 31 3/4"

Weight: 22 1/2"

Head: 19"

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