Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Favorites

Favorite Instagram: I love this photo. It shows the boy that Lachlan is becoming. I love that he wants to wear the Mike and Rich shirt I had made out of one of Bill's shirts (and he's outgrowing it!). Love that he pulled the roller skates out of the garage and started tooling around the driveway. (also, it was almost 50 yesterday and snowing like crazy today? Weird Iowa weather.)

Favorite purchase: I've been waiting for Joy's book to come out. I just love her blog and every recipe I've ever tried from her blog has been excellent. Can't wait to bake up some recipes from her cookbook. The other two books come highly recommended, so I'm looking forward to diving into those, as well.

Favorite new challenge: After taking on two daily photo challenges in February, I wasn't sure if I'd join in again. But I really loved the prompts, and I caught some moments of our everyday life that I otherwise would have missed. I have left the February Instagrams out of my Project Life pages, because I'm planning to include them in my Project Life book as stand-alone pages with a grid of the full month (if that makes sense?).

Favorite recipe: Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookie. Oh man, I followed this recipe, with the exceptions of using all purpose flour instead of bread flour, and regular bittersweet chocolate chunks instead of the fancy disks. They were delicious. The cookie dough was seriously delicious. I sent most of the batch to work with Bill to keep myself from eating them up. Kenley was a big fan, too!

Favorite Pin: Instead of posting a favorite pin, I wanted to direct you to this post by Kal Barteski. The posts she links to at the bottom of her post were very thought-provoking, as well. Although I still love Pinterest, I'm feeling conflicted about continuing to pin and posting the images here. I'm not to the point where I'm planning to delete my account. But. I am concerned about the copyright infringement issues and liability issues. I am also making sure that every new pin I add links back to the permalink post of the original creator. I hope Pinterest addresses this ToS issue soon. Certainly it is not only an issue for Pinterest, but that is the site that is creating a stir right now.

Have a great weekend!

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