Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Project Life, weeks 21 & 30

Week 21 - May 20-26

I'm glad that I decided to keep up with the current weeks while squeezing in the weeks I have left behind in the meantime. It is harder to get motivated to complete the weeks that are farther back in my memory banks, but I know I will be happy to be all caught up (only 3 weeks left!).

I like how these two spreads came together. Simple, but still full of great memories. Funny to see the summer fun list as we first wrote it, now that it has been scribbled on, erased, rewritten, edited, and checked off. Not to mention the photo of the newly planted garden, which now features a few 7 foot + sunflowers! The summer days fly by!

Week 30 - July 21-28

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