Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Welcome 2013!

I always feel drawn to blog around the first of the year. Everyone is thinking about goals/resolutions/changes for the new year and I'm no different. Although I have many areas that I'd like to improve in my life, I've decided to focus on one.

Resolution 2013 - Keep the house "guest ready"
Although I have no illusions of keeping a spotless house, especially with my two little people/mess-makers, I would like to have a house that is more tidy, and presentable on a daily basis. I'm thinking of it in terms of how I would feel if a friend decided to drop by on short notice. Would I be embarrased to let them in? A goal for myself is to put things in their place right away, instead of letting them pile up - and also to teach our kiddos to do the same. I think having a cleaner home will make a happier home for all of us.

Of course, I can't resist taking on a few daily projects...

Daily Project #1 - Keeping a daily/monthly journal - I plan to write a little bit of something that happened in each square, or something I'm thankful for, or even a little drawing about the day. Inspired here.

Daily Project #2 - Keeping a dinner journal. I think this is a cool idea (inspired here). Also hoping to do some weekly meal planning.

Weekly Project - digital Project Life 2013. So excited to start a new year with Elise's Seafoam Digital Kit. Also really looking forward to printing 2012 into a 12x12 book (still have to catch up on a few weeks!). I won't be sharing weekly here on the blog. Instead I will continue to update on Flickr. I even started a Flickr group for other scrappers who want to share digital project life inspiration.

Year long project - 2013 project list - I posted a list of projects I wanted to accomplish here last January, but three of the four got pushed down the priority list and were never completed this year. Which is fine. But I decided to write a list in my journal (same one where the monthly journal lives), so that I can add as I start a new project, or note when I finish one (I think I'll just highlight when complete). I'm hoping that by the end of the year it will be a fun record of all the things I made this year.


  1. I have that same resolution about my house. All of the rooms are pretty neat after several rounds of house guests. I hope to keep it that way....I feel so much better.

  2. Can't wait to se your projects on your list! They will be fabulous!