Sunday, April 23, 2006

newly 27

So... Wednesday was my birthday, and I haven't posted because it feels like I've been here there and everywhere since then. I taught a mini-book class at the scrapbooking store where I work Thursday night, then I headed over to Des Moines to stay with my younger brother and sister since my parents went down to Las Vegas to meet up with some friends. Today, I came back home to take a scrapbooking class at my store, which produced a couple really awesome projects. Also, I'm in the midst of this exciting mural project at my school. A visiting artist is leading my 4th grade students in painting a huge wall mural. It changes every half-hour and it is so amazing to see the collaboration process and really special details that are showing up! Pictures to come of all that stuff!

But, back to my birthday. I think as you get older, birthdays are more like every other day, but at the same time, it makes you pause and think back and forward. I'm thinking back to when I was in high school - 27 sounded *old*! Wow, I don't feel old, but at the same time - I can't believe I'm only a few years away from 30. Not that it is a bad thing. I think life just keeps getting better as you get older - I'm learning and becoming more interesting every year, right? ;) Anyway, I got some really special birthday gifts. My parents gave me the best teacup ever! It transforms to steep the loose tea leaves, keeps the tea warm, and is a coaster. Wonderful for my desk at school! And Bill was very crafty this year (for him) and wrote me a card that gave little clues to my gift - which all began with the letter "W". We're going to see the musical Wicked this June in Chicago, which I have been so excited to see since I've been hearing about it in the last few months. He also got me the book and soundtrack, so I can be adequately prepared. My friend Wendy also gave me a wonderful book all about alphabets and type. It is *eye candy* - she and I are both inspired by shapes, letters, and patterns and this book is all about that.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!

    I used to have a mug similiar to yours. It was a gift too and I love it. And then an ex-boyfriend got very drunk and broke it, hence the "ex" part of "ex-boyfriend."