Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend in review

Loving, originally uploaded by Kirsten W.

We had a great time in Des Moines celebrating Bethany's graduation - party on Friday, Saturday ceremony, then headed home Sunday for the annual watching of the Indy 500.

One of the exciting things about this weekend was my big purchase of a new MacBook. I will be handing over the school's iBook when I finish my teaching year next week, and I didn't think I could go a day without my precious laptop. This one is very new and improved. It was love at first sight! They were running a sale on printers, so I upgraded our home printer as well. The new printer and the Bam Pop paper I ordered online inspired me to take some pictures this afternoon - I printed them and went straight upstairs for a little holiday scrapbooking. I'm very pleased with the printing quality! My first 8 1/2" x 11" page - looking forward to doing more in this format.

Here's to a short work week! Enjoy, everyone!


  1. Shelley6:57 AM

    Love the layout and pics! Is that the new Elsie stuff?!

  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Love, love, love the layout!