Friday, June 01, 2007


I went up to Mt. Vernon for dinner with Wendy and Mary last night. Wendy told me to drive by Nest, the shop where we got our metal roosters. Check it out - they have PIGS! I think I'm in trouble... aren't they great? TGIF - only 4 1/2 more days of school!


  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    I love the multicolored pig!

  2. You realise that this animal kick will just lead to a life of hobby-farming when you begin replacing cute statues/art pieces with the cute real thing right? Next thing you know you've got chickens running around the yard, perched on the roof and you're warning guests to watch out for horse apples on the front lawn! Don't even ask about what a pig would do in those wild rose bushes of yours.... :-)