Thursday, July 12, 2007


A new Etsy shop - WeMiKiWi! Cute name, eh? Wendy and I opened the shop together and after much deliberation we decided on that name by combining the first two letters of both of our first and last names. Right now the shop has handmade paper bead earrings, but soon we'll be adding handmade cards and lots of other fun stuff. Hope you will check it out! And you should browse around the rest of the site if you haven't yet - it is a great place to find lots of unique handmade art and jewelry!


  1. Exciting! I've added your shop to my Etsy favourites.

  2. YES very exciting and beautiful, Can i special order a small charm like to hang on a necklace?????? Like the cotton candy. I don't wear ear rings.
    these are very pretty.