Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Two years ago yesterday, Bill and I were married on a beautiful September afternoon. I am so thankful I have so many amazing photographs to remember all the details of the day.

Yesterday Bill had to work late, but he took my car to be cleaned (treat!) and when I came back to get it he had beautiful roses for me. Awwww... very sweet! It has been a great 2 years of marriage and almost 10 years of being together - looking forward to many more!
In other creations, I've been working on insect atcs for a swap at the Embellished Circus, a seriously challenging Dare, and reteaching myself how to knit. More photos to come.


  1. COngratulations!!!! Let's video chat soon! I love you two! Steph

  2. Congrats you guys it really doesn't seem that long ago. And way to go Bill on the sly way to give flowers!