Monday, January 28, 2008

so, it wasn't the best day today...

Had to go for my 1 hr. gestational diabetes test this morning and found out I did not pass it, so I have to go back later this week for a 3 hr. test. Right now I'm just dreading the repeated blood draws at the test, but if it turns out I really have this, it will definitely be rough. ugh. And I still have the winter yuck head cold. whine, whine, whine.

Silver linings - baby's heartbeat is strong and healthy. I was able to go get a fresh haircut this afternoon. And I cheered myself up with a little sushi for dinner and some retail therapy. Oh, and I added another fab. pair of earrings to our shop.


  1. Kirsten, I failed my 1 hours with both of my pregnancies. I had gd with the first and passed my 3 hour with the second. So you never know. Oh, and I labored drug free with both just because I hate needles so much, so it wasnt a brave thing at all. Really Im a chicken. Im with you sister.

  2. Ptichka just explained the three-hour GD test to me. That *does* totally suck that you'll have to do it. But, -yeah!- healthy baby!