Sunday, July 06, 2008

an update

So, I've been MIA, it was quite the crazy week... Last weekend Lachlan and I headed to Des Moines to meet Great Grandma O, visit the Farmer's Market, the DM Art Festival and Thor's painting exhibit.

We had a new fridge and stove delivered this week, which is *awesome*, except the new ice maker not working made us discover that we need to replace our water filtration system and the stove is unfortunately not compatible with the spot we have. Yeah, long, complicated story that ends with us being stoveless until July 15th. But, still exciting.

My amazing in laws and Bill's uncle came over to do lots of tree trimming and other yard work and helped us to make our yard more presentable.

Spent a couple hours cropping with the Reminisce gals at Cindy's house. Or mostly eating and chatting with the Reminisce gals. :)

Had a quiet 4th with our little family at home, cleaning house, walking in the beautiful weather and watching TIVOed John Adams.

Yesterday Great Grandma O & my mom came over and we picked out fabric at Home Ec for a quilt she is going to make for Lachlan. So excited for that! Had lunch at Devotay - yum.

Today was Lachlan's baptism, and we had lots of family here to celebrate with us at the service and afterward at our house. He is so lucky to have so many people who love him!

Phew! That about does it - looking forward to a little more laid back pace this week!

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  1. He looks awesome in his Christening outfit! And your brothers art is AMAZING! Someday when I am rich I am totally buying a ton of it.