Monday, November 10, 2008

new layouts

Took a trip to Des Moines this weekend to visit and got to make some pages with recent photos, not to mention a fair amount of shopping. After being at the mall Saturday and picking up a few Christmas gifts, it is definitely my goal to avoid the mall (especially on Saturdays) until after the holidays, and to get my gifts picked out as soon as possible. I will probably making a fair amount and ordering a few online, too, so that's the plan. It will be here before we know it!
Getting excited to take a button embroidery class at Home Ec on Wednesday with Wendy. Also thinking about how to make a waterproof mat to go underneath L's new high chair, which sits on light-colored carpet. Something that can catch the food and cleans up easily. I'm thinking oilcloth might work. Any ideas - and how big do you think it needs to be? Plus, I really want to make one of these growth charts. So cool.

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  1. Hi - I have a deco that is ready to come home to you! Or at least that's what the last person to have it says - need your latest addy - can u send it to me via PM at Nervousness? I'm AK Ice Cube over there. :)
    ex embellished circus