Saturday, February 07, 2009

a break from winter

We got out for a walk yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the unseasonably warm temperatures and sunshine. Between the crazy below zero temperatures and all the sickness in January, I feel like we've been hibernating. This nice weather makes me want to get outside, but also get busy around the house again! I've got a to-do list going for this weekend, hopefully I can accomplish a big chunk (do you ever add something to your list that you just recently accomplished, just so you can check it off?). Handmade birthday cards, check. Target run, check. Clothes folded & put away, check. :)
Thankfully, Lachlan is starting to feel better. We went in to the Dr. on Wednesday afternoon for his 9 month "well" check-up. Unfortunately he was not very well - I thought it was just a cold+cough, but she found ear infections in both ears. Poor guy! He's such a trooper that we never suspected anything was wrong with his ears. Apparently most of the babies coming in for check-ups lately have not been well either, lots of junk going around. But now the amoxicillan is doing it's job - and it must taste great, because he sucks it down and fusses when I put the bottle away!
Everything else is going great, he's right on track for height & weight (way up at the top for head size! ha) and crawling, pulling up, babbling, etc, just like he should be. Now it's time to find the perfect baby gate for our extra wide hallway doorway and the next size carseat. So many choices, it is confusing!! Hopefully I'll be back with some valentines and scrapbook pages to share soon. Enjoy the warm weather and finally getting rid of the ice if you are nearby!


  1. So glad to hear Lachlan is feeling better! It will be nice to be outside more and more!! Shelley

  2. Tnank you for these photos ! I discovered your blog and I like it very much.
    If you want you can take a look at La Joie des Lutins...

  3. Ha ha - I am a big fan of crossing things off lists and I must admit to adding one or two almost finished/recently finished items just so I can feel I am making progress - great minds think alike ;)

    Glad to hear you are all feeling better and enjoying some beautiful weather!

  4. He's so adorable Kirsten!! I love the photo of him asleep. It's nice when they get a little older and can tell you where it hurts ;)