Saturday, January 31, 2009

9 months!

I know I say it every month, but it's so hard to believe that Lachlan is 9 months old already (not quite out of the womb as long as he was in yet, since he was 10 days overdue, but close!)! I'm just wondering who took my calm, laid-back baby and replaced him with a squirmy, climbing crazy man?! Just kidding! But diaper changes have turned into quite the ordeal now that he's figured out that he can get away! Both top teeth are poking through now, right at the same time, just like the bottom two did. Thank goodness his mouth bump last weekend didn't jam them in (maybe it even helped them to poke through, ouch!)

Saw this morning that the CPSIA law has been delayed for a year. Such good news for all the crafters & artists who make handmade clothes and toys for little ones!

It is a lovely day outside today, we had Music Together class at Preucil this morning and we're going to head to the library this afternoon. I'm looking for a book about baby sign language, he's so vocal that I think he would enjoy having another way to get his point across. Anyone have any experience with it?


  1. my friend used a baby sign language chart. She thought it helped with manners (please/thanks)
    and sometimes it helped lower frustration.the twins could sign if they wanted water or juice.

    He is solo cute.

  2. Charlie's nephews use sign. The SLP in my school used it with her kids, too. Mostly for the same things Kate suggested...more, please, thank you, etc.


  3. Kirsten-he is getting cuter and cuter!! I think you should try some of the signs like: "more" and "food".

  4. Man he is cute!!! We used/are using some sign language with Beau. Mostly please, thank you, more, and sorry. It has definately helped introduce him to manners and we have a lot less random screaming and pointing ;) Not to mention it's just pretty dang cute watching them use all their signs!

  5. How is the music class? I have one of the CD's and its great. Looks like L is getting pretty tall!

  6. Found your blog at E&R's class. My son was born 22 April! So funny to have boys around the same age!

    Don't you just love the class?