Monday, March 02, 2009

Monday randomness

My personal dish assistant. :)

I just came across this kid's birthday party idea, so great - Young Einstein Party

I rearranged our kitchen this weekend... put away the appliances we don't use everyday, switched the overgrown house plants with one smaller one in a colorful pot, put the microwave in a more convenient spot, a general "de-clutter". Feels good to get a fresh look without actually moving any furniture.

Our new baby gate is also "kitty proof". Too tall for Cleo to jump over. Luckily her favorite sleeping spot, litter box, and food are all on the same side of the gate. We'll just have to prop it open for her sometimes so she can survey the rest of her kingdom.

Celebrating the beginning of March with some new music from iTunes...The Be Good Tanyas, Joshua Radin, and Lisa Hannigan. Looking forward to listening to them all. I've got a plan for a nice relaxing beach mix for spring break (for little moments between baby chasing)

Elsie and Rachel's class is so inspiring, full of extreme cuteness. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to get to all the projects right now. Trying to finish up a blanket before I start on the next project (felt family portrait wall hanging? spring jersey scarf? pillow?). It's nice that they keep the directions posted so that I can go back and work on them at my own pace.

Ok, I've got to go read some more of Watchmen before Lachlan wakes up from his nap. Bill has commanded that I must finish it before we go to the movie this weekend!

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  1. I lovwe all of your stuff!! You are soooooo creative. Thank you for the advice. I am going to start following your blog!!