Sunday, April 05, 2009

Fabric eggs

Last night I made this felt egg to hang on Lachlan's new Easter basket - all of the baskets at my family's house have name "tags" so I thought his should, too.
Friday afternoon Wendy and Codi came over for a sewing date. We decided to make eggs from this tutorial. Aren't they the cutest?! Very easy, too - and a great way to use up the special scraps I can't bear to get rid of. Here's Retro Mama's flickr group if you want to see more. I have to make a few more so that I can fill a little container with them.


  1. those are fabulous! I love the tag too! I'm so envious of your craftiness. I'm determined to find some time soon to do some crafty projects!!

  2. so much better than having to deal with the real thing!!! Super cute!

  3. OMG!! THese are too cute! Hey I recognize that green dotted fabric...I have some too from Home Ec!!!!