Wednesday, July 15, 2009

middle of July already?

Not much to report - now that everyone is healthy again, we've been spending lots of time outside. The garden is growing great. I'm loving the tall sunflowers and in awe of the pumpkin & squash vines! I love that Lachlan loves to be outside, too.
Last weekend we had a BBQ in honor of my mom's birthday and I made my first cheesecake. Big success, yum.

Harvested our first zucchini today! Bring on your favorite recipes!


  1. your garden looks great - my tomatoes haven't even appeared yet!!

  2. Those are amazing!! I am so jealous of your sunny garden spot! We have so much shade we can't get a lot to grow. But we've got big woods/buckthorn/icky plant clearing plans for next spring.

  3. wow- great lookin' garden! We got lots of beans but not too much else is ready yet. Great work- you certainly have a green thumb!

  4. your garden is amazing!