Tuesday, September 29, 2009

back from our big weekend

17 mo old today
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Still recovering from a weekend in Madison, WI chasing this little 17 month old goofball all around and up and down. We were there to help prepare for and celebrate Thor and Caeli's wedding. It went very well and they are on a little honeymoon now, hopefully relaxing! I'll post some photos from the wedding (by their wedding photographer) soon. I was too busy helping with wedding prep or chasing Lachlan to take many photos.

Bill and I also celebrated our 4th anniversary. It was fun to remember our beautiful wedding day right around all the wedding celebrations over the weekend. Bill looked up what to give for the 4th anniversary, and it is fruit and flowers. SO, he ordered us a year-long fruit-of-the-month club. I think it was a very thoughtful and great gift - we got our first fruit - a box of pears, today!

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