Monday, September 14, 2009

The story of the frog

Saturday night we were about 45 minutes from home and I got a call from Bill saying that Sadie had brought "something" in the house and it was trapped under the trash can in our family room. "What is it?", I asked. He wasn't sure because he had trapped it so quickly, but he thought it was a mouse or a frog or toad.

After I got home and put Lachlan to bed, I got the whole story. Bill had taken Sadie out for a walk and when they got to the front door, he saw something move near the door, which she quickly investigated. Bill didn't think much of it and brought her in and took off her leash. Then he closed her in the family room and stepped out to the garage to get something. When he came back in, he said she was sitting next to his chair "with a goofy look on her face". He sat down to watch some t.v. and Sadie dropped a small live animal out of her mouth! Bill jumped up, grabbed our trash can, and dropped it over the little creature. Then he listened to it struggle and try to escape until I arrived home to help him tackle it.

So, we got mentally prepared and slid the trash can towards the sliding door. He held the trash can, while I reached down next to it with a piece of posterboard. We opened the door, counted down from 3, then Bill lifted the can, and I whapped whatever it was with the posterboard and knocked it outside. Sure enough, it was a big frog. The poor guy was probably injured/traumatized by being trapped in a dog's mouth, under a trash can for an hour, and then whapped out the door, so he just lay in a pile of leaves.

The amazing thing was that Sadie managed to catch it while she had the Gentle Leader collar around her snout! So glad we have adopted a hunter - she's already caught a few crickets and loves to chase butterflies. Now we just need to turn her into a mouser and a mole-hunter and we'll be all set! Ha. Anyway, the frog was gone this morning, so either he recovered and hopped away, or he was a midnight snack for another neighborhood creature.

Here's an unrelated recent photo of Cleo keeping a close eye on Sadie. They've had a couple close encounters, but always when Sadie has been on a leash, so I think Cleo feels pretty safe so far .

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