Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Illinois road trip

This weekend my mom came over from Des Moines and we took a quick road trip to visit my aunt and cousin, who live in a Chicago suburb. It was great to see them and they went all out to make us feel comfortable. Lachlan especially enjoyed all the special toddler snacks in the house, and meeting their two kitties.
My mom had this antique table and chair when we were little, then she loaned it to my aunt for her kids. Now that my cousins are in college, it's Lachlan's turn to use it! My aunt had it set up at her house for our visit to give Lachlan a place to play and color.
Lachlan also enjoyed checking out the house and found a quiet place to look at books. Aunt Karen even had one of his favorites "Go Dog Go".
One of the other fun parts of the weekend was making it to IKEA for a shopping trip. Thank goodness for these little playhouses scattered around the store. And for grandmas and great aunts that help chase a very busy toddler!
The table and chair found a new home when we got back to Iowa City.
There were lots of other things to find a new home for, too. These plants and pots came from IKEA, along with this baby activity arch. I also got the ledges that I'm going to use for book storage and display in Lachlan's new room. Fun fun!

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