Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kenley is one month old!

Yesterday Kenley turned one month old! It certainly feels like the month has flown by, but at the same time it seems like it was forever ago that we were meeting her in the hospital room. Our minutes, hours, and days are very full now!

Here's her one month photo. I took monthly photos of Lachlan in a chair with a special stuffed animal, so I thought it would be fun to do the same thing with her. Different chair, and a horse instead of a cow. :)

She's doing great - 9 lbs, 12 oz today, so she's obviously healthy and growing quickly (she was 8 lbs, 5 oz at birth). She sleeps very well at night, just waking 2 or 3 times to breastfeed. Big brother is doing great, too. He's talking more every day and we're amazed at his memory and how much he picks up from our daily conversations and activities. On the whole, he's been very sweet and gentle with "baby Ken" (as he calls her) with occasional moments of typical toddler jealousy.

We had a month of visits with family and friends who were excited to meet Kenley. Now I feel like I am starting to get into a "normal" life with two kids. Kenley is starting to come out of the newborn sleepiness and is more alert every day. Most days, I feel like if I get both kids taken care of, all the laundry and dishes done, and dinner made, then I have accomplished ALOT. I have missed creating things, sewing and scrapbooking, but I'm starting to make time to do some of that again. No matter how my day goes, I am so thankful that I get to spend my days with these two sweetie pies.

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