Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kenley's wall hanging

Kenley is 6 weeks old already, can you believe it? She's doing great. When she's awake she's bright-eyed and really starting to connect with us. We've been getting smiles from her this week, which is so much fun.
I finished her wall hanging before she was born (it was a product of my wonderful surprise shower) but I finally got the tabs sewn on the back so that I could hang it up in the nursery.
It seemed a little small for the wall that I was hanging it on, so I also hung a frame with photos of Kenley underneath.
Cleo was investigating what I was up to - This photo was taken after she returned home after being mysteriously missing outside for a week! We were so worried, since she is 15 years old, declawed and only weighs about 6 lbs. Luckily she showed up again, safe and sound. We wish that she could tell the story of her adventure!


  1. It looks so good! I love the binding color!

  2. Wow- it looks perfect in there! Great job! Miss you guys xoxo