Monday, January 31, 2011

A couple new (finished!) projects

I've been looking for a large piece of artwork to hang above the bookshelves in Lachlan's room for awhile now. It seemed like an alphabet print would be a good choice and there are so many adorable ones out there!
But before you give me any creative credit at all - I took this idea 100% from this great tutorial on the Studio Calico blog. Isn't it cute? Came together very quickly and easily. I just added a few buttons and stickers to the alpha cards for embellishments. I love how it turned out and Lachlan likes it too. He's really into singing the alphabet right now and can recognize all the letters pretty reliably.

And for Kenley - she's been needing a new hat to keep her cute ears warm. I wanted to crochet one for her, and when I found this owl hat pattern in Inner Hooker's Etsy shop, I knew it was the one. Her instructions were clear and it came together pretty quickly. Isn't it cute? I want to make more!


  1. what an adorable way to see the abc's and i LOVE that hat you made Kenley - really really cute

  2. Wendy Miller7:17 PM

    I LOVE Kenley's new hat! Great job!! Did you order the animal cards for L's pictures?