Monday, January 31, 2011

Lachlan's hospital stay

Well, we've now added another (rather unpleasant) milestone to our parenting list - first time checking a child into the hospital. One week ago at this time, I had left the doctor's office with Kenley and Lachlan and we were headed to the hospital. He had a cold over the weekend and woke up in the middle of the night crying and complaining over and over that he didn't feel good. We had noticed that he was wheezing some, but I didn't realize how much trouble he was having breathing until we got to the doctor's office. The doctor said L had Bronchiolitis and wanted us to go straight to the hospital so that he could be treated and observed overnight.

At the hospital, he was treated with a nebulizer every hour and showed steady improvement through the afternoon and evening. He was also on a steriod for a few days and we definitely saw some side effects (irritability and hyperactivity, yuck!). Kenley stayed overnight with me in the hospital since she's still breastfeeding often, so it was quite the ordeal. Luckily, both kids were troopers and we only had to stay one night.

Lachlan is much better, although a week later he still has a yucky cough and we're still doing nebulizer treatments before bed and in the morning when he wakes up.

The hospital stay made me so thankful for our normally healthy children. I can't imagine having to visit the hopsital regularly or have extended stays with young kids. We are very lucky.


  1. So glad to hear he is feeling better. Hospital stays are SO not fun! :(

  2. Never a dull moment with little ones. Sounds like you've all had a rough week. Hopefully this one will be better. Glad your stay was brief and he is making progress.

    Pour yourself a glass of wine, Kenley will be fine. :)

  3. Stay well. A glass of wine for the Mom sounds like a great plan. Maybe not for breakfast, but lunch might be a good time!