Friday, May 20, 2011

Kenley at 11 months

Eleven months old! These past couple weeks have brought a change in your looks. You are even taller and looking more like a toddler than a little baby. I notice your maturity in your new crooked smiles, your furrowed brow when you are studying someone or something, and the new ways you are playing. Right now you love to empty containers of their contents, and you love shaking and tapping the rhythm eggs. You enjoy bath time – especially when you get to share it with your big brother. Your love for Sadie and any other dogs continues - you squeal whenever she is around and keep a close eye on her whereabouts. Now that it is warming up, we’re having fun hanging out on a blanket in the grass together.

You are so flexible and can lean all the way forward and suck on your toes. You’re not crawling, but you are getting better at standing and holding on to something. Some days we can’t quite figure out whether you want to be held or left alone, because you want to be moving independently, but you get frustrated when you can’t get where you want to go. You think it is hilarious when people put funny things on top of their heads. I know your most ticklish spot, too, it’s on your back, right between your shoulder blades.

All four front teeth are in now, and we’re thankful for a break in the teething pain. Everyone is sleeping better at night. Most nights you stay in your crib all night long – 7:45 pm – 6:45 am – usually wake once to nurse in the night and then go back to sleep. You just started clapping and continue to sign “more”. I love the wide variety of sounds you make – sometimes it sounds like you are singing. You also know the word “dance” and bounce and wiggle along to the music.

We celebrated your brother’s third birthday this month. I think your favorite part of his party was getting a taste of ice cream. Yum! You had your first Easter with us in Des Moines and we also took a trip up to Mount Vernon for the “Chalk the Walk” festival. I can’t believe your first birthday is only a month away!

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  1. Rachel7:22 PM

    She is getting so big! I love that last photo...adorable! Can't believe she's so close to her first birthday party!