Sunday, September 04, 2011

Summer mini-album 2011: done and done.

Yay, another great capture of our lives right now. I enjoy the 4x6" mini-album size because I can just stick a photo in as a whole page, or have some fun with smaller photos and embellishments.
I picked up a pack of summer book add-on pages from Elise Joy (they're gone now but she has a pretty autumn book for sale).
I hadn't updated it since mid-July, so most of the pages are very simple - photos, lots of tiny letter stickers, and a few handwritten memories.
Love the combo of little daily moments and special summer adventures that are captured here.
This spread with the polka dots and Hipstamatic photos is my probably my favorite.
My post about the first half of the album has more links to my supplies, including the letterpress calendar pages.
I ended the album with photos from our trip to the Iowa State Fair. Even though we still had some hot summery days here right up until yesterday, the fair trip seemed like the end of the season for us.
In the end I had to add larger binder rings and it's a nice fat mini-album size.

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  1. This is a great idea! I really like how you layered text over a photo with a paper cut out. I think I may have to start doing these small scale ones and ditch the huge ones, they take so long!