Thursday, December 29, 2011

A little more Christmas love

We had such a nice Christmas Eve/Christmas day at our house. My family and Bill's parents came over and we all enjoyed relaxing and celebrating together.
Santa came! He took the carrots for the reindeer, gobbled up the chocolate chip cookies and chocolate milk, and left some special red bags for the kids and stuffed stockings for everyone.
Kenley was in heaven with her own phone, purse (vintage!) and new babies and other stuffed animals. Actually, the gift she spent the most time with was a box of Scooby Doo band-aids that she kept unpacking and repacking. Ha!
Lachlan got his wish for a "Batman set-up", and Kenley got in on the action.
We played card games, Wii, and hung out together.
We had a midday meal on the 25th before Thor and Caeli headed off to Wisconsin.
Potato head playtime with Pop Po - she must have spent an hour on the couch taking pieces in and out. Amazing.
Thor and Grandma Cleo.
Watching Uncle Zach play Mario.

The rest of the photos are here on Flickr. Hope your holiday was joyful and memorable!

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