Friday, May 25, 2012

L's last day of preschool

Here's a photo of Lachlan from last August on his first day of school

and here he is this morning before attending his last day of preschool 
(until the summer session and next fall)
You've grown taller, stronger, and smarter this year, and developed that silly smile that comes with being aware of what your peers think. 
You have a strong will and hilarious insights on our daily life. 
Your love for Star Wars has been enhanced by your friends and cousins who share the love. 
You have an impressive memory, just like your dad. 
You like to make plans and work on projects, just like me. 

This school year gave you experience in navigating social situations, dealing with disappointments, and being part of a group outside of our family. Your teachers provided you with a rich play environment, a safe place to experiment with being independent, and wonderful art and music experiences.  I think you had a great school year, and I'm thankful for the team of wonderful teachers that made it possible (special thanks to Tricia for helping him create this self-portrait - a treasure!)

self-portrait, age 4 - via Instagram (I'm kirstenw if you'd like to follow)

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  1. Look how much he's grown!!! That self portrait is amazing.