Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Life, week 27,28,29

I'm getting quicker with this digital Project Life process. Partially from practice and getting in a rhythm with the products I use over and over, and also because I'm still behind (still need to do weeks 21-24), and so spending less time on each layout means getting more pages finished. I've also given up on listing each product I've  used here on the blog posts. If you want to know where I purchased a certain product, just let me know.

I still love the project. So many of these photos and memories would be totally lost in the shuffle if I weren't finding a home for them in Project Life. I know these aren't the most thrilling blog posts - but to be honest, I'm using the energy I used to put into blogging photos/stories into Project Life, so this is what you get! ;) Seriously, I hope you enjoy seeing either the scrapping aspect, or the little window into our daily lives via Project Life.

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  1. Love your PL posts gets me inspired to spend some time with mine! Goal-go into fall caught up and stay that way! I'm getting there, keep posting!!!