Sunday, August 25, 2013

First day of school and first try at canning

We are lucky to have two plum trees in our yard, and this year they have been producing prolifically. I decided that it was time to order some jars and a starter tool kit. I also ordered this book which has instructions and lots of great recipes.

This attempt (#2) at plum preserves turned out pretty well. My first attempt was awfully thick, I think I overcooked it. Then I tried a watermelon-jalepeno jam with no luck - I think I cooked it too long at too low of a temperature. Then, I tried another batch of plum jam with orange zest, but it didn't set-up. Bummer. Looks like I have lots to learn, but I am determined. I want to have another way to make use of the bountiful fruit we have in our yard.

My plum preserves were ready just in time for a first day of school gift for Lachlan's kindergarten teacher. I used a 2" circle punch and alphabet stamps to label the top, then added a tag with letter stickers and a written message on the back.

Then I put the gift and a packed lunch in his new backpack and sent him off to Kindergarten! Big day for all of us! I think this photo accurately captures the excitement and nervousness that he and I were feeling.

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