Sunday, January 18, 2015

{2/52} Sleeping Mats

Earlier this week, I needed to stop at JoAnns to pick up a few things. As we pulled in, Kenley said, "I wish this store would have Elsa fabric..." and I said, "Guess what, I'm SURE they have Elsa fabric!". Sure enough, there's a whole Frozen section set up. So we picked up a yard of fleece and she asked me to make a sleeping bag for her stuffed dog, Luna (who received her own Elsa dress and pjs for Christmas - ha!).

After I made the sleeping bag for the stuffed dog, I realized that I could buy Frozen fabric to make a sleeping mat for Kenley, too. I've been meaning to make one for her rest time at preschool, and who can go wrong with Snow Queen fabric and cozy fleece?

I planned to spend a couple hours on Saturday whipping it up - but then I added homemade piping... decided to patchwork the fleece blanket... added a few decorative stitches and binding on the blanket... and one whole Saturday later, the sleeping mat was complete!

Don't ask me the details of how I made it - I pretty much winged it as I went along. But if you're looking to make one, I have sewn one based on this tutorial by Prudent Baby before, and recommend it. The Snow Queen fabric from JoAnns is heavier weight and also wider than the usual cottons (also much more expensive, thank goodness for sales!) but I think that worked out perfectly for a durable napping mat.

happy customer testing out her sleeping mat (with bluish mouth - still trying to kick the popsicle habit post-tonsillectomy)

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