Friday, November 25, 2005

Beth's journal is here!

I'm so excited that Beth's journal came in the mail today! It is so great to be able to look forward to working on this project that will grow and change everytime we exchange the journals. I'm planning on getting to work in it soon, but tonight I'm reserving a few hours to work on a Christmas gift for my sister, which I won't mention here just in case she comes snooping around. What I *should* be doing is working off the calories from yesterday (mmm...) but that always seems to take second place to making art (and just about everything else). Too bad...

I'm posting a picture of a page in a sewn & stiched deco via the E.C. I just realized it looks quite similar to the bee page I did last week, but I do enjoy the patterned quilt effect. And I *love* my African symbols stamp set.

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