Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Morning Collages

I like this idea. She makes a collage each morning without worrying about how it turns out or where it is going. Maybe I will start this today since there is no school to teach (woo-hoo!). I am going to the art museum today to see a big Grant Wood exhibit, and maybe this afternoon I'll have a crochet party with a friend and rent some movies. Tonight we're headed to Des Moines for the Thanksgiving feast. I'm posting a picture of a little painting I did for a bridge deco while I was watching t.v. last night. It is my favorite bridge in the little town where I went to college.


  1. Keri, yes. I love her, and that is a great idea. I read her blog regularly too.

    I have some old books I might art up in this way. As long as no one sees them i'm ok. :)

  2. I'd read about doing morning collages (or at least daily collages) in some book or another. It's nice to see what some people can do.

    I love the bridges page. I can't wait to get this deco home.