Saturday, December 31, 2005

Yum - new supplies!

Bill gave me a gift certificate to Dick Blick for Christmas. It was a great gift because today I went shopping and bought all sorts of fun new supplies that I wanted to try. I picked out two big packs of handmade paper with lots of texture and pattern, a mechanical pencil, lead and erasers. I had sworn off gel pens for a couple years because I always had problems with them drying up, but after Wendy and I played with hers yesterday I just had to get some. So picked out a sent of 10 glittery ones and I bought a new kind called "glaze" gel pens. They are awesome! When they dry, the ink is raised and looks like it was heat embossed! And... a Picasso calendar and an Andy Warhol magnet. And a portable watercolor set that I'm planning to take on our honeymoon this summer and a 192 page sketchbook that I'm going to use as my 2006 art journal. Ok, so you could have figured out most of that from looking at the picture - but I'm excited!


  1. Your husband is my hero! What a GREAT gift!! A new year and all those new yummy supplies! Whoo whoo. Happy New Year. I would suggest not waiting until your trip to break out that watercolor travel kit! Use it now, then you will be used to it and really be able to use it to capture that wonderful time in your life. I keep mine in my purse at all times ready for an everday adventure.

  2. Oh kirsten!!!
    you've trained your DH very well...Have lots of FUN playing with all of it (including your watercolour kit)!