Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Recent Daily Devotions

So... I admit that I have been struggling to keep up with drawing in my Daily Devotions journal every day in the past couple weeks. I've been so busy, and not devoting time or energy to getting it done in the evenings. That said, I have been getting some work done in it, and making lots of art for my book arts class, mail art projects and school projects. And , I think I have definitely managed to make a habit after 3 months, because I'm missing it and feeling a little guilty when I don't get to it!Long days of travel at the beginning and the end of our trip meant sitting around and looking at my carry-on bag. Good thing I like it so much.
View from the beach at our resort - plus some leftover wrappers from a beachside snack.
These are a few quick sketches from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. We went on Sunday after all the NAEA festivities were over. There was a terrific Andy Warhol exhibit, and a few Alexander Calder pieces - he's one of my favorites. I was also intrigued by the buddha sculpture holding art supplies in each hand.

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