Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is a page that I did in a "mustache" themed deco (isn't that a fun theme?). Just posting 'cause I think it is funny. It's been a busy week so far. My mom came over to help me clean and organize my art room, and we planted lots of flowers and house plants. I'm growing salsa ingredients! Tomatoes, cilantro, and peppers. Probably sounds simple to anyone who has a green thumb, but it is a big deal for me!

The yoga retreat over the weekend was *wonderful* and I wasn't even too sore to move the next day! The whole experience challenges my mind and body, plus the retreat center serves delicious home-grown vegetarian food. It makes me want to be more healthy all-around!


  1. Home-grown tomatoes are the best! I put our seedlings in the ground last weekend and now I'm willing them to grow NOW! I want tomatoes and I don't want to wait.

    I love the deco pages too. I've got the heart of a vandal.

  2. I just planted a "hanging" tomato plant. It's just that. It hangs and the plant grows out from the bottom of the planter,up toward the sun. It should be interesting.

    :-) o.g.