Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hope you are are all starting off the 2007 joyfully! I rang in the new year on a plane from Denver to Minneapolis, due to a weather delay. Other than that, it was a wonderful trip to visit my college roommate, Kristi and her husband in Colorado. The two of them are moving to Australia in about a week, so it may be the last time I see them for quite awhile. Even though they were busy packing and preparing for the trip, they still made a great effort to show me a good time. We went to the Denver Art museum, which recently opened a new wing. Great stuff. Also a visit to the Celestial Seasonings factory where I learned lots about the tea business, and got to visit the "mint room" - quite an intense experience! We saw the Blossoms of Light display at the Denver Botanical gardens and also did our fair share of hanging out, shopping, and drinking wine. More pics are in my Denver set.

I'm not too big on new year's resolutions, as I've never been very successful with sticking with one, but this year I do have 3 goals that I think are both reasonable and important for me to achieve:
* Exercise at least 4 days per week (no excuse to avoid this one, now that we have our own elliptical machine and I'll be attending yoga once per week)
* Make dinner at least 3 nights per week (that may sound like so few, but since Bill works late 2 nights per week and we eat out every Friday, it will still be a stretch)
* Finish the wedding scrapbook before our second anniversary!

This promises to be an especially busy month - we have found the house that we've been looking for and we'll be moving at the beginning of February. So exciting - and lots of packing and purging excess stuff ahead. Also, I'm having my first student teacher starting on January 16th. Not to mention the regular school workload and preparing for and teaching a class at Reminisce. All good things - looking forward to all the changes and new opportunities!

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